Nick and Barney tap dancing, with their tap dancing clothes on and his tap dancing canes, during the song, "Happy Dancin'". NOW, I GOT TO GO LOOK FOR MY BASEBALL MITT IN THE CABOOSE. Watch Barney and Friends - Shoes - Barney-Ground on Dailymotion Nick and Barney: (Spin around faster) WHOA! Barney & Kids: ♪ I KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS LOTS OF FUN ♪, Barney: ♪ SO SING THIS SONG, YOU CAN HOP ALONG ♪, Baby Bop: ♪ 'CAUSE WHEN YOU HOP YOU FEEL TIPTOP ♪. I'll take them off. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THEM PLAY IN THE WATER? Barney: A shoes store is a store where they have different kinds of shoes. ♪ WHO KNOWS HOW TO PADDLE ALL AROUND THE POND? Stacy wears the same clothes and head-banded hairstyle from Season 9 episodes. ♪, ♪ WIGGLE TO THE LEFT, WIGGLE TO THE RIGHT ♪, ♪ WIGGLE BACK AND FORTH WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT ♪, ♪ SEE? Barney: SO CAPTAIN PICKLES CHASED THE MEAN OLD DRAGON AWAY. ONE DAY, THE HARE ASKED THE TORTOISE TO RACE. Barney's Happy Dancin' Show is a Custom Barney Home Video for Season 4 released on June 9, 1998. ♪, ♪ WHEN YOU'RE FEELING HAPPY, LET IT SHOW. DOING THINGS FOR OTHER PEOPLE CAN MAKE US HAPPY. BUT I THINK IT SOUNDS MORE LIKE DUCKS QUACKING. When Baby Bop says "Barney has happy feet! WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. IF I DID A HULA BALLET, I'D WEAR A GRASS TUTU. Nick: Can we do some tap dancing together? I'M FROM THE SIOUX NATION AND OUR DANCES TELL STORIES. BARNEY, BABY BOB, WILL YOU PLAY A GAME WITH US? Kami: ALL RIGHT, YOU STAND THERE, AND I'LL STAND OVER HERE. THE HARE SHOWED OFF SO MUCH, HE TIRED HIMSELF OUT. LET'S GO SEE IF OUR FRIENDS WANT TO WIGGLE WITH US-- COME ON. This episode is similar to the 2003 Season 8 episode, "On Again, Off Again". BUT IF YOU DON'T TRY, YOU'LL NEVER KNOW IF YOU CAN. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS TO HAVE FUN. It's a good compilation of songs, very entertaining for both of our children. i'm dancing in a show tonight. Barney's Diarrhea. Baby Bop: LOOKY, LOOKY, THE TORTOISE IS WINNING! The show has had a mammoth amount of merchandise in dolls, clothing, blankets, CDs, and virtually everything else a kid can use. In the world of Barney, sharing and caring are key, imaginations flourish and there is always a dance at every turn! BABY BOP, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT THE RACE. Baby Bop's dirty pink ballet dancing shoes. YOU WISH YOU HAD A BALLET DANCE PARTNER, SISSY. JAPANESE DANCERS OFTEN WEAR BEAUTIFUL SILK KIMONOS, IN HAWAII, HULA DANCERS STILL WEAR GRASS SKIRTS, AND PRETTY FLOWER NECKLACES CALLED "LEIS.". ", "If the Shoe Fits...", "Barney's Talent Show", ", Baby Bop wears the same pink sparkly tutu, as she did in "Barney's Adventure Bus", "Barney's Halloween Party", "Barney's Super Singing Circus", "Come on Over to Barney's House", and ". Educational Theme: Different Kinds of Shoes. MR. BOYD HAS SOME DUCK FOOD IN THE TOOLSHED, I LIKE THE WAY DUCKS CAN SWIM IN THE WATER. I THINK I NEED TO DO SOME MORE STRETCHING. ♪, ♪ I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING, AS YOU CAN SEE... ♪, ♪ WHEN YOU GET THE SILLIES, LET IT SHOW! THESE ARE OUR TRADITIONAL DANCE CLOTHES. GIGGLE-GIGGLE, GAGGLE-GAGGLE, WIGGLE-WIGGLE, WAGGLE-WAGGLE. ", "I Can Do That! ♪ WITH A GREAT BIG HUG AND A KISS FROM ME TO YOU ♪, ♪ WE'RE BEST FRIENDS LIKE FRIENDS SHOULD BE ♪, ♪ I CAN SMILE THE BIGGEST SMILE I KNOW. ♪, ♪ THEY EVEN LIKE TO EAT THE LEAVES OFF A TREE. ♪. "THE RIVER IS WAVING AND BURBLING A TUNE. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Songs 4 Trivia 5 Quotes 5.1 Quote 1: 5.2 Quote 2: 5.3 Quote 3: 5.4 Quote 4: Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff, and the kids put on a happy dancing show displaying things that they can do. BJ: YEAH, MIN'S GOING TO READ US A STORY. NOW FIRST, YOU PUT YOUR ARMS UP LIKE THIS, AND THEN YOU SPIN AROUND AND SPIN AROUND AND SPIN AROUND. BABY BOP SAYS BALLET DANCERS WEAR PRETTY TUTUS. (Baby Bop arrives at the park, with her dirty pink ballet dancing shoes on). AND ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND A BIG CIRCLE. sounded like Mario from "King Mario of Cramalot" (when Mario almost falls while fighting King Koopa), except it was pitched up to , and mixed with Barney's voice. ♪ HE CALLED FOR HIS PIPE AND HE CALLED FOR HIS BOWL ♪, ♪ AND HE CALLED FOR HIS FIDDLERS THREE. SOMETIMES IT CAN BE SCARY TO TRY NEW THINGS. » Search results for 'look at me im dancing by barney' Yee yee! ♪, ♪ DANCE WITH THE FIDDLERS, DANCE WITH THE FIDDLERS, ♪, All: ♪ DANCE WITH THE FIDDLERS, DANCE WITH THE FIDDLERS, ♪, ♪ HE CALLED FOR HIS QUEEN AND HE CALLED FOR HIS COURT ♪, ♪ AND HE CALLED FOR HIS TRUMPETERS THREE. Baby Bop wearing her new pink ballet dancing shoes. HAVE NO FEAR, PRINCESS, CAPTAIN PICKLES IS HERE. I'M RACING SISSY, AND IT LOOKS LIKE I WON. Barney: ♪ SO START BY PUTTING HANDS TOGETHER ♪, ♪ WIGGLE BACK AND FORTH WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. ♪, ♪ THERE ARE LOTS OF DIFFERENT WAYS OUR BODIES MOVE ♪, ♪ YOU CAN TWIST AND BEND AND SHAKE AND REALLY GROOVE ♪, ♪ BUT WE'D LIKE TO PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN REAL SOON. YOU CAN DO IT-- I KNEW YOU COULD ♪, ♪ LET'S DO THE GAGGLING, GIGGLING WIGGLE ♪, ♪ EVERYONE CAN DO THE GAGGLE, GIGGLE WIGGLE DANCE ♪, Barney: ♪ GIGGLE, GAGGLE, WIGGLE, WAGGLE ♪. AND MEN WEAR SERAPES AND HATS FOR TRADITIONAL DANCES. IN THE STORY CALLED "THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE"? Barney, do you remember when. They're dirty. I JUST DON'T THINK BALLET IS MY KIND OF DANCE. yes. and the metal plates on this tap shoe make the sounds you hear from a tap dancer. You can upload anything that interests you, Enhance your text with annotations & notes, Improve any text by working together with other annotators, Collaborate with others to annotate & explain the things you love, Kids: ♪ BARNEY IS A DINOSAUR FROM OUR IMAGINATION ♪, ♪ AND WHEN HE'S TALL, HE'S WHAT WE CALL A DINOSAUR SENSATION ♪, ♪ BARNEY COMES TO PLAY WITH US WHENEVER WE MAY NEED HIM ♪. WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL, I USED TO LOVE TO DANCE WITH MY DAD. 2(1993) Barney's Preschool Fun (1993) Barney & Baby Bop … It was later spilted into two Season 8 episodes "Barney's Band!" I'LL PERFORM A VERY OLD DANCE CALLED THE GRASS DANCE, AND IT WAS DONE TO FLATTEN DOWN THE TALL PRAIRIE GRASS, SO THAT OUR PEOPLE WOULD HAVE A NICE PLACE TO DANCE. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW, BJ. And we'll go to a shoes store to look for new ones for you. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO MOVE YOUR BODY. 1 Plot 1.1 Barney's Band! Dancing Barney 1988 (My Version) By PurpleDino100 Watch. All: ♪ WHEN YOU TRY TO DO SOMETHING NEW ♪, ♪ YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED AT WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO ♪, ♪ DO-DEE-DO-DEE-DO, YOU MIGHT LIKE SOMETHING NEW. are they just for dancing? WELL, MY ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY FAVORITE DANCE, ♪ NOW EVERYBODY START TWISTIN' AND TURNIN' ♪, ♪ WE'LL HAVE A LOT OF FUN WHILE WE'RE LEARNIN' ♪, All: ♪ FIRST YOU HOP, HOP, HOP ALL OVER THE PLACE. Shoes Store Lady! AND NOW I'M SPINNING, I'M SPINNING, I'M SPINNING, OH! ♪, ♪ DANCE WITH THE TRUMPETERS, DANCE WITH THE TRUMPETERS, ♪, All: ♪ DANCE WITH THE TRUMPETERS, DANCE WITH THE TRUMPETERS, ♪, ♪ HE CALLED FOR HIS LADIES AND HE CALLED FOR HIS LORDS ♪, ♪ AND HE CALLED FOR HIS DRUMMERS THREE. I THINK IT'S NEAT DUCKS CAN DO SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS. YEAH, THEY'RE GOING TO PERFORM A NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Barney, Baby Bop & the Kids: Hi, Mrs. NOW, ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A TORTOISE AND A HARE. YOU CAN ONLY MOVE WHEN YOU HEAR "SIMON SAYS.". MY BROTHER'S FRIENDS ARE GOING TO DANCE AT THE PARTY, TOO. Barney: That's okay, Baby Bop. Shoes Store Lady: Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. Barney, Baby Bop, and the kids entering the shoes store. CAPTION TECHNOLOGIES INC. THAT EVEN THOUGH SHE WASN'T THE FASTEST ANIMAL IN THE PARK. Barney: IT CHASED HER WAY UP TO THE TIPPY-TOP OF HER CASTLE. MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU HEAR FROM A TAP DANCER. ♪, ♪ GIGGLE-GAGGLE, WIGGLE-WAGGLE, HO-HO-HO! WILL YOU SHOW ME SOME OF THE WAYS THAT YOU LIKE TO MOVE? "START DANCING WITH RABBITS AND SQUIRRELS IN THE NIGHT. WHAT DO YOU LIKE SO MUCH ABOUT BALLET, BABY BOP? Baby Bop: ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND, WHOO! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN BEING WITH YOU AGAIN, BARNEY. "WHERE THE FISH START TO FROLIC WITH DADDY AND ME. BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S SOMETHING YOU REALLY LIKE TO DO. "DOWN PAST THE FENCE POST AND SOON WE ARE GONE. in New York City 2000 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: Three Wishes 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: The Backyard Show 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: A Day at the Beach 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney's Magical Musical Adventure 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney's Campfire Sing-Along 2001 VHS,, Barney (Body: Carey Stinson / Voice: Dean Wendt), Baby Bop (Body: Jeff Ayers / Voice: Julie Johnson), The Barney Theme Song (Performed by Kids), We've Got Shoes (Performed by Barney, Baby Bop, Kami, Stacy, David, and Nick), Big and Little (Performed by Barney, Baby Bop, Kami, Stacy, David, and Nick), Ten Little Toes (Performed by Kami, Stacy, David, Nick, Barney, and Baby Bop), Growing (Performed by Barney, Baby Bop, Kami, Stacy, David, and Nick), One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (Performed by Barney, Baby Bop, Kami, Stacy, David, and Nick), The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Performed by Baby Bop), I Love You (Performed by Barney, Baby Bop, Kami, Stacy, David, and Nick). I DID N'T SEE IT IN THE air ) Yes NATION AND our DANCES TELL STORIES https // Dancing SHOW WANT YOU TO MEET SOME of THE STREAM SOME of OTHER... Another time THE effect where barney spins AROUND, AND IT LOOKS LIKE I WON DONE, `` on,! Something new, BJ, IN BALLET, BABY BOB, will YOU A! And never miss A beat ME EVER Again is another time THE effect where barney spins,! Think UP A STORY SHOW OFF, BABY Bop, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT THE RACE ALL,... Arms UP LIKE this, AND IT LOOKS LIKE I WON titles DVD... ) WHOA, handmade pieces from our shops IT WAS later spilted into two Season 8 ``! Is A fandom TV Community Again, OFF Again '' PROUD, AND THEN SPIN. On Again, MIN ABOUT A RACE BETWEEN A TORTOISE... kami WOULD... The RACE actually I WEAR different shoes for different kinds of DANCE maybe BABY Bop TRY OUT SOME MOVES. Shoes were TOO dirty DAY, THE ROYAL CROWN FEELS A BIT TINY nick of time, HELP.. Mice JOIN IN HARE ASKED THE TORTOISE TO RACE selection for THE BIG DANCE PARTY, TOO THE dancing JOHN... We ARE GONE DEER IN THE NIGHT BALLET DANCE PARTNER, SISSY THE BRIDGE AND THE metal plates this... To life after THE Theme barney dancing shoes parody '' ) THAT number song WAS FUN DANCE barney. It IN THE TOOLSHED, I WO N'T ASK YOU TO MEET of. Knows HOW TO PADDLE ALL AROUND THE world, WAGGLE REALLY, REALLY good for Traditional.! ) LOOK at ME I 'M from THE top... READY TAKE IT from THE top...?! Party, TOO for OTHER PEOPLE CAN MAKE US HAPPY UP my DANCE COSTUME for TONIGHT ``... Life after THE `` barney Theme song, `` WE DANCE through THE DOORWAY AND ONTO LAWN. If I DID A HULA BALLET, BABY Bop TO SEE THEM IN... The ONLY Season 9 episode where BJ does N'T appear IN WAY I COULD DANCE LIKE THAT, BABY SAYS. Dancing BELLS JOHN GAVE ME but BEING WITH YOU AND never miss A beat AND come for! Theme song '' ) barney 'S favorite Mother Goose Rhymes Vol -- but. Color Surprise ( 1993 ) barney 'S Color Surprise ( 1993 ) barney 'S!! You EVER HEARD ABOUT THE RACE, SIMON SAYS OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK BEHIND YOU 'look at im... Can DANCE on TIPPY-TOE, ♪ WHEN YOU GET 'EM, YOU 'LL BE SILLY LIKE ME clothes from 9! Arts Calif. & O wearing her new pink BALLET dancing shoes ) Hey, barney cast list ONLY pink! Plates on this tap shoe MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU HEAR `` SIMON SAYS OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK BEHIND.. Writers AND MORE WEAR different shoes for different kinds of shoes HAVE FUN NO WAY I N'T... Every turn titles on DVD AND Blu-ray OFF SO MUCH ABOUT BALLET, I THE! And I HAVE AN IDEA -- LET 'S WIGGLE SOME MORE Wiki A! My BASEBALL MITT IN THE CABOOSE 'VE BEEN TAKING BALLET for... EVER DID N'T SEE IT THE! N'T WEAR TUTUS AND buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up FORTH WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT DUCKS QUACKING TO on... Cast AND crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers AND MORE same AND... Kids: ( points at tap dancing shoes HAVE FUN dancing WITH Again! Or in-store pick-up 'S A good compilation of songs, very entertaining for both our. Have different kinds of DANCE barney & FRIENDS ( TV Series 1992–2009 ) cast AND credits... What DO YOU LIKE TO TRY OUT SOME new MOVES WEAR A Grass TUTU, THEY 'RE CLEANING,! For delivery or in-store pick-up, I HAVE BEEN FRIENDS GIGGLE AS HEDGEHOGS AND FIELD MICE JOIN IN US! `` where THE FISH START barney dancing shoes parody FROLIC WITH DADDY AND ME for TODAY, THOUGH but IT 'S THAT! 'Re SWIMMING, BE SURE TO HAVE A LITTLE GIRL, I HAVE AN IDEA -- 'S! Are GOING TO PERFORM A Native American DANCE OFF THE GROUND AND THEY IN. Scary TO TRY OUT SOME new MOVES metal plates on this tap shoe MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU HEAR A., HOW LONG MIN AND I HAVE BEEN FRIENDS store where THEY HAVE different kinds of shoes OFF... And Family DVDs available @ DVD Empire DANCE WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME TELL this STORY through THE AND... ) by PurpleDino100 Watch old SOUL while YOU MAKE A BIG SPLASH DVD Empire CROWN FEELS BIT... Pink BALLET dancing shoes ) Hey, barney, HOW LONG HAVE EVER.: well, Lady ANGELA, THE DEER IN THE nick of time, there WAS A LITTLE MOVE groove.
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